Our Attorneys

We have assembled a prestigious dream team of attorneys with diverse backgrounds in big law, business enterprises and investment, finance, academia, and criminal defense.

  • Darren M. Richie, Esq. 1

    Darren M. Richie, Esq.
    Darren Richie, Chairman and Founder of Richie Litigation, established his firm to provide his clients with only the best legal expertise. Powered by unwavering principles of integrity, bravery, and motivation; Richie will never give up on a client.

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  • Michelle Ferguson, Esq. 2

    Michelle Ferguson, Esq.
    Michelle Ferguson is an associate attorney at Richie Litigation. Her practice focuses on criminal matters, primarily misdemeanors. She also handles family law cases, including child custody and divorce.

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  • Antonio Castillo, Esq. 3

    Antonio Castillo, Esq.
    Antonio is a savvy negotiator and fierce litigator who has demonstrated an uncanny ability to find solutions where none were thought to exist. He represents a premium level of service, believing that his clients deserve quick turnaround and quality results.

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  • Kathleen Gadalla, Esq. 4

    Kathleen Gadalla, Esq.
    Kathleen truly believes in advocating zealously on behalf of each one of her clients. Kathleen works tirelessly for what she believes in and is driven by her passion for justice.

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  • Alister Wong, Esq. 5

    Alister Wong, Esq.
    Alister was born and raised in Malaysia where he lived until he transferred to the United Kingdom to finish his law degree. He truly believes in the importance of having dignity, humility and providing service to others.

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Other team members

  • Vic Chelebian 6

    Vic Chelebian
    Vice President
  • Christina Chelebian 7

    Christina Chelebian
  • Lili Zaragoza 8

    Lili Zaragoza
    Office Manager
  • George Loera 9

    George Loera
    Vice President of Operations
  • Grant Valencia 10

    Grant Valencia
    Intake Coordinator
  • Sosie Boyadjian 11

    Sosie Boyadjian
  • Bryan Fernandez 12

    Bryan Fernandez
  • Alma Suarez 13

    Alma Suarez
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