Delaney Miller

Delaney Miller 1


Delaney has devoted his entire career to civil litigation. Prior to being admitted to practice law in California, Delaney was an attorney in Washington and Oregon. For over 17 years, he has been representing parties in state and federal courts in a variety of matters, including personal injury, products liability, employment, and business litigation cases. Delaney uses his experience to craft solutions for his clients that meet their needs and objectives.



Delaney was born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia, and moved to the west coast in 1998 to attend law school at the Seattle University School of Law (Class of 2001). When he is not busy advocating for his clients, he is spending time with his wife, Kelly, and 2 dogs. Delaney is also an avid supporter of soccer, a sport that he played and coached for many years.