LA Times reported: A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy has been charged with operating a large-scale drug trafficking scheme in which he boasted that he hired other law enforcement officers to provide security to dealers and could assault people for his clients, according to court records. Deputy Kenneth Collins and three other men were arrested by FBI agents Tuesday morning in a sting operation when they arrived to what they thought was a drug deal, […]


NBC News reports: In raids across multiple counties, the DEA on Wednesday took down a “heroin distribution machine” they say earned $250,000 a week packaging and selling the drug.The group the feds said was extremely sophisticated and structured like a pizza delivery business worked in plain sight and operated out of the San Fernando Valley. It supplied locals from Santa Barbara to Riverside counties.They packaged high-quality heroin and cocaine in colorful and white fluffy balls.At […]

Violation: The Juvenile Defendant was charged in a conspiracy of 2 counts of Attempted Murder, 1 count for Robbery, One count for Assault & One count Grand Theft Auto. Results: Client was sentenced to 7 – 9 months in juvenile camp for 2 felony counts of Assault w/ Great Bodily Injury. All other charges dismissed.

Violation: The Defendant was charged in a 10-felony count indictment ranging from Attempted Receiving Stolen Property, Identity Theft – Retaining Possession with Intent to Defraud, Possession of Forged Driver’s License and Identification Card to Facilitate Forgery. Result: Client was sentenced to 3 years of Informal Probation, no jail time for 1 Misdemeanor count of Identify Theft.

Violation:  Female was facing 4 years in prison after violating probation. Additionally, she faced new charges for Petty Theft in Burbank Court which would have certainly landed her in prison due to being on active probation. Results: After unsuccessful results with her court appointed attorney, she retained Richie Litigation. Her charges were later reduced to 365 days with 213 days credit for time served and was only in custody for a total of 152 days. […]

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