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Top Tier Litigation Lawyers in L.A.

Litigation cases often stem from unfriendly neighbors and misunderstandings when you’re out in public. However, these trials are often anything but straightforward.

Personal litigation cases have several steps, from discovering if there is even enough evidence to support a lawsuit and finding out if others got injured in the process. Once we’ve interviewed witnesses and taken statements, it’s time to select a jury and move to trial.

Many litigation cases wind up going to settlement, where you’ll need our expertise to get you what you deserve. Or, if it does go to trial, we’ll get prepared to appeal should the court not side with you.

Personal litigation requires skill, dedication, and passion, and we remain your best choice for any case. Choose us for your litigation needs today.

We make child’s play out of complex litigation. Whether you have been wronged and seeking those who wronged you to be held accountable, or if you are being sued, we can help. We are gladiators in suits. We are aggressive and we will litigate aggressively to enforce and protect your rights.

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“Law without justice is a wound without a cure.” – William Scott Downey

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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Defense

A Premier Los Angeles Criminal Defense Law firm

Whenever you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you must have a criminal attorney defending your case. As you can imagine, criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles are a much-needed service.

However, TV shows and movies have skewed what it is that criminal lawyers do, or what they should be doing to defend you best. In short, our job is to find the truth and fairly represent you during your trial.

Some may think that our job is nothing more than getting paid to get dangerous people off easily. Unfortunately, good people get arrested every day, and proper protocol doesn’t always get followed by law enforcement.

Representing our clients is more than determining who is and isn’t a bad guy. It’s about giving you the treatment you deserve, as well as ensuring that you get the fairest trial possible each time.

At Richie Litigation, you can be assured that you are given the best representation in your criminal matter. On call 24/7 are our various professional lawyers, who are now on YOUR side.

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“People are more afraid of the laws of Man than of God, because their punishment seems to be nearest.” – William Penn

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Business Attorneys in L.A.

Business Law

You’ve Found the Best Business Attorneys in L.A.

In the United States, businesses often get treated as individuals under the law. Whether that means an organization is filing for a patent or needs defending against a lawsuit, business law attorneys are the preferred choice for your needs.

However, even local small businesses should have a law firm that they can trust. These days, it doesn’t take much for someone to see a corporate entity and think that they can easily sue them for some quick cash.

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a major brand, it helps to have quality legal representation at a moment’s notice. From faulty products to services that went awry, there are plenty of reasons why you need us on your side.

Our attorneys bring together a variety of business law experience from big law, as well as personal success and business acumen. We specialize and can assist you with a full suite of business litigation offerings, solutions and restructuring counsel.

Companies face legal threats from state government agencies, the federal government, consumers, and even other businesses. Make sure that you can best defend against them all with the experienced business law team today.

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“The first law of business: Make the rules or your rivals will.” – G. Richard Shell

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Personal Legal Services


As your professional legal team, we take pride in devoting ourselves to guarding your legacy and protecting you and your loved ones’ futures. Planning for the future should not be stressful and overwhelming. Leave it to us! Our highly-credentialed team of attorneys will not simply help you navigate the daunting legal maze of estate planning; we will do the driving. Sit back, relax, and tell us where you want to go. We are Richie Litigation. Please contact us here.

“The business of the law is to make sense of the confusion of what we call human life – to reduce it to order but at the same time give it possibility, scope, and even dignity.” – Archibald Macleish

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