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DRE and Entertainment Law

Darren Richie, Esq (DRE) has pulled together the best Entertainment lawyers in Los Angeles to create a team that is uniquely qualified to help you in your case.  Richie Litigation’s track record is full of big victories for clients.  You always want to make sure you have the best representation possible, and Richie Litigation is the team that will have your back and fight for you like no one else can.

Darren Richie

Entertainment Cases


Protect your Intellectual Property and rights with DRE. Darren and his team are experts at helping protect you and the things you create.
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Contract Negotiation

Consult with our attorneys today on your contract negotiations to make sure you and your best interests are protected. No one negotiates harder than DRE and his team.
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Talent Agreements

Make sure that you as the talent are being looked out for and that your contracts are to your liking with DRE. We negotiate with agents, producers, or anyone trying to set up a contract with you to get you the best deals.
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Licensing Assistance

Licensing is complicated and involves a lot of legal jargon that it helps to have a lawyer look over to make sure there aren't any loopholes that allow someone to use your work without paying you for it.
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General Counsel

DRE and his team are available to act as general counsel on retainer. Call us today to find out about partnering with us.
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