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Richie Litigation is the only tax law office you need!  Our attorneys care about our clients and will fight for you.  We always strive to do right by our clients and make sure that their case is handled with great care.  Tax law attorneys help you negotiate financial and legal processes to ensure that your rights are protected, your case is well represented, and your future is preserved.


Darren M. Richie, Esq. (DRE) gets really big wins for his clients.  He has helped his clients fight the IRS and resolve their tax problems with ease.  As a tax law attorney, DRE gets the best possible arrangement for his clients.  Don’t lose out on your future because you didn’t have the right team fighting for you!

Best Tax Law Attorneys in L.A.

Darren M. Richie, Esq. has pulled together the best Tax Law Experts in Los Angeles to create a team that is uniquely qualified to help you in your defense.  Darren’s passion and skill as a lawyer makes him uniquely qualified to take on your case and help save your future.  

Facing tax bills and the IRS can permanently affect someone’s future, but having a great tax attorney like Darren is like asking Superman to protect you.  Darren has helped clients get their finances back on track when facing tax problems and the government.  

If you have a tax problem and are facing a bill or perhaps even charges, make sure that you have a lawyer who can help you fight for your rights and keep your head above water.  Darren and his team are qualified to handle local, state, and federal cases for a variety of situations including:

  • Payroll Taxes
  • Problems with IRS Officers
  • Income Tax Problems
  • Sales Tax Issues
  • Liens
  • Forfeitures
  • Corporate Tax
  • Entity Formations

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