The Truth about Danny Joe

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Danny Joe (DJ):  In 2007, it was my first bodybuilding show in an organization called INBA and it was the Mr. San Diego Championship. Because it was my first time I went there and signed up as a Novice.  Novice is the category where a first timer enters a show.  I entered Novice Short Class.  They go by height:, short, medium and tall.  So I won my class, and then even for a novice, there’s an overall championship, meaning the winner of each class comes out and then battles for the overall title.  So I won that overall.  

By doing that, I became the 2007 Mr. San Diego Novice Overall Champion.   This is a picture that I took at the show (Shows Darren photo), which clearly shows that this is a Novice Overall Champion.  This is the picture I gave to the Korea Times.  I gave it to the writer but when he wrote the story, because there’s nothing in the story about Novice, that he’s frustrated about, the guy who made the video.  So he’s saying “Why do you take out the ‘novice’ and then make yourself Mr. San Diego?”.  


Darren Richie, Esq. (DRE):  So who would that question be best posed to?  You?  Or the writer of the article of Korea Times?


DJ:  The writer.


DRE:  If this guy who puts on a video, trying to put you in a false light portrays you in a negative image, has any questions about why a writer of an article in the Korea Times wrote something, he needs to ask them.  Not ask you.  And not think to himself that you did some kind of master manipulation by duping the Korea Times, who, by the way, called you.  Which means they already knew what you won or didn’t win, and think that you tried to gain the system.  It’s ridiculous.  

So a few other questions to follow up on some specifics The Overall Champion, can it only be a novice?  Or can it be anybody even that’s not a novice?


DJ:  Novice and Open. (Indicates with hands they are separate categories)


DRE:  Ok, so you were only competing against Novice?


DJ:  Yes


DRE:  So what, Novice means first time.


DJ:  “First Time”  Which the writer wrote on the paper, on this newspaper article, saying that it is my “first time.”


DRE:  Which by the way to me, maybe I’m wrong, but that means it is extraordinary.  It is even a better achievement if for your first time, you are able to go out there and compete at that level and win.  I don’t understand what this guy is trying to prove.  If the guy is trying to prove you did something wrong or that you didn’t really win a championship or that you tried to influence and present some fraudulent information to Korea Times, he is completely wrong and he is welcome to go to Korea Times.  And if he did so, will the Korea Times support everything that you are saying?


DJ:  Right.


DRE:  Fantastic.  Do you want to spend more time on this subject?


DJ:  No, not at all.


He is accusing me of buying my G-wagon for $40,000.


DRE:  Oh, right.  I got it, right.  The G-wagon for $40,000.  By the way, if true, congratulations.  Very smart, astute business man if you bought a G-wagon for $40,000.  You should get an applause if you bought a G-wagon for $40,000.  But what he’s trying to say is that you don’t really have any money, you had to buy it for $40,000, and it’s probably a G-wagon that went through Hurricane Katrina that really is like salvaged title or something like that.  That’s what he’s trying to say.  So, you know what Danny Joe, let’s set the record straight.


Note that a Used 2008 Mercedes Benz G 55 AMG is Kelly Blue Book listed at $43,888 for a good price.


DJ:  “You only won the San Diego Novice Overall championship. Why are you claiming that you are a 2010 Mr. California Overall Champion?”


DRE:  Okay, now we are going into the second issue?


DJ:  Yes


DRE:  So we are done with San Diego, right?   So talk to me about Mr. California.


DJ:  So to be exact, that show is called “2010 Mr. Los Angeles and California Championship”.  I went there and competed in an Open division, not Novice.


DRE:  Because it wasn’t your first time any more.


DJ:  No it wasn’t my first time anymore.  I won my short class, and then for the Overall, I won the whole thing.  So I gained the title of Mr. Los Angeles and California Champion.  


Cut to a video of a cell phone conversation:


DJ:  Would you like to tell my Korean audience who you are and your accomplishments in the bodybuilding community, please?


Lorenzo Gaspar (LG):  I’m Lorenzo Gaspar from San Diego, CA.  and I deal with the NPC, IFBB, INBA.


DJ:  Lorenzo, do I have your permission to record this video and phone conversation?


LG:  Yes


DJ:  I remember you were a head judge in that show.  Was that correct?


LG:  Right.


DJ:  Since you judged NPC and INBA, Do I have the right to call myself Mr. California Champion 2010, to be exact, even though I won the Overall title at INBA and not at NPC?  Because there is a lot of debate.  People are saying that you could only call yourself a Mr. California Champion if you won the show from NPC.  Do you think that makes sense or no?


LG:  No, That does not make sense because different organizations, like two different organizations can have the same title.  Yeah, you deserve that.  


DRE:  Just to make sure that the audience is following along, First, we buy a G-wagon for $40,000, which we should be congratulated for.  Then we win on the first time which is what novice means, our first competitive at a high level competition in San Diego, which we should be congratulated for.  And now you competed, not Novice, but in the Open class.  Was it short also?


DJ:  Short class.


DRE:  Short Class.  Short, Open for Mr. Los Angeles and California Champion.  And you won.


DJ:  And after that, there was an Overall.  So the winner of each class comes out for the Overall, that prestigious title.  And I became the first winner, first place winner, and I gained the title of Mr. Los Angeles and Mr. California Champion.


DRE:  Ok, so what’s this guy saying?


DJ:  He’s saying that I never won the show.  


DRE:  Well how can he say that?  


DJ:  I guess he did his own research.


DRE:  Okay and what would he find?


DJ:  He’s saying that there’s, he didn’t won anything.  Only show he won was this one (San Diego Novice).


DRE:  Did you get a trophy?


DJ:  Yes.


DRE:  Ok, Let’s see it.


DJ:  So this was on the front page of a Korean newspaper.


DRE:  Which Korean Newspaper?


DJ:  It’s called IS.


DRE:  Is that a legitimate newspaper or some kind of underground newspaper?


DJ:  Very.


DRE:  Does it still exist today?


DJ:  Yes


DRE:  Okay.  Are they in the business of presenting false information?


DJ:  Not at all.  

So this one was on IS and this was on Koreatown Daily, and it was on The Korea Daily, and it was on the Korea Times.


DRE:  So you have 4 articles from 4 different legitimate, serious publications who corroborate your win.  And how many publications does he have to corroborate that you didn’t win anything?


DJ:  None


DRE:  Okay, would you like to show the camera?


DJ shows the 4 clippings to the camera


DJ:  I have one more proof, just to show people, that this is ridiculous.  


DRE:  It’s no basis.


DJ:  This is a ridiculous theory.  I contacted the head judge of that show.  The head judge.  The one that judged me and gave me the title.  And then I recorded a phone conversation.  He’s stating that I became the 2010 Mr. California Overall Champion.


DRE:  When did you contact the judge?


DJ:  Today.


DRE:  Okay, did he know you were recording the call?


DJ:  Yes,  


DRE:  Ok so you got his consent so it’s all legal here in California.  Fantastic.  And he’s willing to testify to that?


DJ:  Yes


DRE:  And if anybody wants to call these publications and dig back through their 2010 articles, they would know, oh, well this is true because we don’t present fake news, right?  So again, fake story about a G-Wagon, fake story about the Novice class in San Diego, fake story about Mr. Los Angeles and Mr. California Championship. Alright, where do we go next?


So he’s saying that you spent a lot of money on fake likes right?


DJ:  Yes, and he also compared a post of me a while back that had a high like and he’s telling the audience “Why is your likes so low compared to back in the day?”


DRE:  Okay, so your likes are low now?  Relative to what your likes were in the past?


DJ:  Yes


DRE:  What’s the explanation?


DJ:  So every time I work with a superstar, for example, like the world-famous rapper, The Game.  You know, he has 10 million followers.  So if I work with someone like that, during that time I’m with him, because he’s shouting me out on his page and on his Instagram, all his fans come to my page and like my pictures.  But when I’m not training him, all the fans go away.  


DRE:  That’s understandable to me.  That’s very reasonable.  So right now you’re in a little bit of an ebb and flow and that is the explanation, correct?


DJ:  Right, Right.


DRE:  Is it true to say that you’re in a better financial position today than you were 7 years ago?


DJ:  A lot more.


DRE:  And so if you really wanted to buy some likes, you could?


DJ:  Of course


DRE:  And by the way does that still exist out there where you can buy a bunch of likes?


DJ:  Yes, I heard that it’s even cheaper.  


DRE:  It’s even cheaper?  So you can buy even more? So your buying power today, not only because you have more money, but also because of what the market dictates, you could buy 10 times more what you could buy 7 years ago for the same money.  And you haven’t done it?


DJ:  No.


DRE:  All right, great!  Do you want to stay on the subject?


DJ:  No, No, let’s move on.

Next one is, I did a collab with this guy named “tallguymaxstrong.”  He’s a famous fitness YouTuber in Korea.  So on his first collab video, he asked me, “Who do you think has the best body out of every celebrity you’ve met?”  And I said The Rock. I said “Yeah, I met him at the G.I. Joe 2.”  I told him I met him, and then I helped him with his meal plan.  So I gave him pointers.  You know, he’s been working out for a long time so he knows his stuff.  But I gave him a couple of advices and tips after hearing from him about his typical meal plan.  


DRE:  So you’re telling me that you heard The Rock’s typical meal plan, and you gave him some advice and tips.  Is that true?


DJ:  Yes


DRE:  I’m buying it.


DJ:  And this guy’s like, basically, he typed Danny Joe and Dwayne Johnson or Danny Joe and The Rock and none of the pictures or the articles came out.


DRE:  Why would there be an article of something that you spoke about in private with The Rock or Dwayne Johnson?


DJ:  That’s what I’m saying!


DRE:  And so in G.I. Joe then, you had a chance to see Dwayne Johnson, The Rock.  Of course, you exchanged tips and physical fitness.  You share a love of physical fitness.  So all you’re going to do is spread that love, right?  And this guy here is trying to say that it never happened.  Ok great, is there anything else you want to say about that?


DJ:  No not at all.


DRE:  So what’s left to cover?


DJ:  I guess the last one is, he “Googled” again, Danny Joe and Hollywood star, and he couldn’t find anything.  So he’s like, “He never trained a Hollywood star before.”  


DRE:  Because he couldn’t find something?


DJ:  No.  So “why is he calling himself a Hollywood star trainer?”


DRE:  And where do you call yourself a Hollywood star trainer?  On your website?  On your social media?  


DJ:  On my social media.


DRE:  Specifically, what do you say?  Hollywood star trainer?  Hollywood celebrity trainer?  Do you know?


DJ:  This is my intro for my YouTube all the time.  “Hi, I’m a Hollywood star trainer, Danny Joe.”  And this is my intro.  And I guess he didn’t like that.  


DRE:  Because he did a Google search and he didn’t find any Hollywood stars?  Now you did train The Game, correct?  For how long?


DJ:  For about 60 days, I was on tour with him.


DRE:  He’s a Hollywood star, just so you know.  And this Korean guy that was in G.I. Joe 1 and 2, is he a Hollywood star?  He qualifies?


DJ:  Yes, because he’s number one listed for Asian casting.


DRE:  And do you have any other Hollywood stars?  Would they allow you to say on camera who they were?


DJ:  Of course, Brian Tee, from Fast and Furious – Tokyo Drift.


DRE:  Which car did he drive?


DJ:  He’s the one that drove the 350z.


DRE:  I love that car.  Very nice.  Who else?


DJ:  You know Linkin Park?  Joe Han from Linkin Park.  They’re the world star, to be exact.


DRE:  Right Absolutely, Do you still train him?


DJ:  Yeah, of course.  He lives in Hawaii but he comes to my gym.


DRE:  He’s a Hollywood star.    Who else?


DJ:  Ray Park from Star Wars.  I met him from G.I. Joe 1.


DRE:  And all these people have great things to say about you? And they enjoyed their time with you?  They achieved results with you?


DJ:  Of course.


DRE:  So you benefited their life?


DJ:  Of course


DRE:  So what defines a Hollywood star?


DJ:  Anyone who works in Hollywood.


DRE:  In the entertainment industry, that has a public following, that performs in music, dance, art, film, correct?  And you trained these people?    So it’s not a false allegation or a false claim?


DJ:  No.


DRE:  Ok great!  And so when something like this comes out, it really hits you at your core, right?  But you know who you are?  And you are comfortable with who you are?


DJ:  Yes


DRE:  And nothing will ever change your belief of who you are nor how you approach life and approach others?


DJ:  No


DRE:  So this can’t affect you?


DJ:  No.  


DRE:  It can affect other people who are watching it or who are reading it, but you are here with me tonight to tell the truth.  Don’t lose track of that.  This is just a little small sign to let you know that you need to constantly improve yourself and make sure that you protect yourself from issues like these going forth for the rest of your life.  Thank you for your time here tonight.  


DJ:  Thank you so much Darren.


DRE:  After I last spoke with my friend and client, Danny Joe, I found out that another video by this nasty doer was produced and uploaded to social media.  But there’s one thing that video communicated more than anything else.  There were no more nasty comments about Danny Joe.  While this person may think that he can keep coming back over and over defaming Danny Joe, and that the Constitution protects him from the First Ammendment, the Constitution actually has limitations.  

Those limitations were supported by the United States Supreme Court and Gertz v. Robert Welch Inc., as well as the California Civil Code, Sections 45 and 46 dealing with slander, and further, the cause of action, invasion of privacy, false light.  I’ll tell you, you can’t say anything that you want about anybody that you want, when it affects their trade, business or profession.  When you say that somebody is unfit to perform their job duties, and you have done so negligently, recklessly, or intentionally, you will find yourself in America’s court room.  And while you may come from a society that says “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” then maybe you haven’t been on the other side of defamation.  So it’s not my job to educate you.  We’ll leave that to the lawyer that you choose to defend your case.  But I will teach you a lesson.  Govern yourself accordingly and be a Straight “A” student.  

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